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Wedding Dresses
bridesmaid dresses south africa
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Bridesmaid Dresses South Africa

What to Consider When Buying Bridesmaids Dresses in South Africa

Your bridal gown and the theme and colour scheme of your wedding will determined the colour and design of your bridesmaid dresses.

The dresses worn by the bridesmaids should be simple and understated Your bridesmaids dresses should never upstage the brides dress.

Your bridesmaid should be able to wear their dresses again, especially if you are asking them to pay for the dress.

Once you have chosen a theme, let your bridesmaids choose something that works best for them. This could be the fabric, colour or style of dress.

If the colour scheme of the wedding is blue and you have chosen the fabric for the bridesmaid dresses, you can let your bridesmaid choose the style of dress that best suits her.

You can always have some guidelines, like full length, strapless etc.

Another option is to purchase accessories, and let your bridesmaid choose the dress, for example a short black dress. This ensures that your bridesmaids will actually wear their dresses again!

Consider offering to pay for your bridesmaids dresses if you are going to insist that they wear a dress and accessories that you have chosen.

The problem with a lot of bridesmaid dresses is that they do not suit all the bridesmaids in the party. Choosing a bridesmaid dress for your sister or best friend that they would not otherwise choose to wear themselves or be comfortable in is not recommended. Even if you do not have the same bridesmaids dresses, you should aim to have a happy bridal party knowing that your bridesmaids are happy in what they are wearing.

Subtle differences in the design of the dresses should be considered taking into account their personal preferences and body types. Vivid brights, playful pastels and soft, muted tones should be considered for contemporary colour schemes.

The colours of your bridesmaids dresses should compliment the wedding attire. As the bridesmaids will be with you during the entire wedding, complimentary colours will look beautiful.

Generally, the bridesmaids are bought dresses in the same color with the same style. But this is not needed. You can add dash of colors to your wedding by choosing different colours of bridesmaid dresses. Casual weddings are usually suited to colourful bridesmaids.

In the case of casual informal weddings, you need not have to follow any norms and you can buy great bridesmaids dresses that can make the entire hall colourful.

Pick the dress styles that are in current fashion by referring to magazines and papers. Your bridesmaids will be happy if you choose proper fitting dresses and remember that sleek designs are loved by women of all ages.

The age of the bridesmaids is an important factor for choosing bridesmaid dress. Strapless sexy gowns are not appropriate for middle-aged bridesmaids. Junior bridesmaids should also be presented with a style of dress that fits their age.

You can take one or more of your bridesmaids with you shopping if they live in your city. This way you can get closer with them and you will get some advice on choosing the dresses. This will greatly help you in choosing the perfect dresses for your bridesmaids.

Let your bridesmaids try on their dresses or give you their input, no matter where they live. Use this as a guide to buying the perfect size and style of dress for each of your bridesmaids. Have your bridesmaid who don't live in your city send you a picture of the dress you have chosen to ensure it suits them.

This is necessary so that you do not want to receive any complaints after making the purchase.

There are so many options, styles, colours, lengths, cuts, etc. Your bridesmaids are going to add cheer to your wedding and if you can get them the most flattering attire, you will have all the fun during your wedding.

Enjoy each other's company and make memories.

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